As a Bay Area family photographer, I believe that family is the most important thing in life and we should celebrate it every day. Our family shapes us into who we are, and loves us unconditionally. It is important because when there’s no one else, there’s always family. And what is more of a blessing to a family than a new addition? Babies are sweetly innocent and complete the family unit. I got to shoot a beautiful family last year. Ana Sofia was six months old then– a wonderful milestone that calls for a family session! So we got to celebrate that with her mom and dad, Beck and Jorge. This family portrait session was one I’ll always remember; it reminded me, once again, why family is such a marvelous thing.

About Them

Becky and Jorge are an amazing couple who are very much in love. You can see it in their smiles and the way they look at one another. Becky reached out to me for Ana Sofia’s newborn photo session in January- but as we all know, having a baby slightly (or radically) makes an impact on how a schedule pans out and we didn’t end up doing the session then. So when Ana Sofia turned 6 months old, it was time to do their first profession family portrait session.

A milestone sitter session- typically done when the baby can sit up unassisted, is a great time for capturing family and baby portraits. Babies at this age give more smiles and as they are more responsive to my funny noises and sounds. Becky and Jorge’s goal from the session was to get portraits that adorn their home and always remind them of this perfect time in their lives. The photo shoot was so much fun! It’s always a really good time shooting families like theirs, which makes my job all the more rewarding.

The Shoot

WE did this shoot past fall when the leaves just started changing colors, making the most excellent background for the photo shoot. We met in a small neighborhood park in Hillsdale, CA for our family photography session. Bay Meadows Park is a pretty, picturesque place with perfect scenery to add to the back drop. There is a beautiful, small lake in the middle of the park. It’s located right at the border of San Mateo and Hillside, making it a great location I love to take my client to as their Bay Area Family Photographer.

Ana Sofia was on her best (and cutest) behavior. You can tell how much she adores her loving parents. I couldn’t tell if she was more of a mommy’s girl or daddy’s girl! It was a great day of smiles, pictures, and laughs (with no baby-breakdown moments!) Along the way, I even got to learn some new nursery rhymes in Spanish that Becky and Jorge sing to Ana Sofia. Now I can add that to my resume. All in all, it was a great day with three special people; one special family.

Bay Area Family Photographer baby on grass Bay Area Family Photographer Bay Area Family Photographer Bay Area Family Photographer Bay Area Family Photographer Bay Area Family Photographer

What makes family so wonderful? I believe it’s the love and the bond that can never be broken. It is unique and should be photographed and cherished. With the shots we took that day, Becky and Jorge have a new, gorgeous gallery to hang above their fireplace mantle. I will never forget the love this family shared, and the happiness Ana Sofia brought to her parents.

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