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Meet Bay Area Photographer: Kirtana Ahluwalia

I am a mom to a 3 year old baby boy and 8 month old fur baby, wife to my boyfriend of 15 years and a full-time photographer with a Masters in Biotechnology! Ok- I know that probably really confused you so I’ll just share my life story in small parts here:

      • Firstly, my name is pronounced as Keer-tuh- na but if that’s still too tough for you, my Starbucks name is “Tina”
      • I met my husband, Saurabh, during our undergrad days in India where both of us were pursuing our engineering degrees
      • I moved to Cambridge, UK in 2009 to pursue my M.Phil in Bioscience Enterprise from Cambridge University- My love for photography began in
        Cambridge. The beautiful Victorian architecture and the breathtaking views of all the different colleges from the river Cam made me fall in love
        with landscape photography
      • Saurabh and I got married in 2012 and I moved to San Francisco. I was working as a strategy consultant to biotech and pharma companies and
        we set up our first apartment together in Menlo Park My son, Prithvi was born in 2014 and suddenly my love for landscape
      • photography took a backseat and all I was photographing was my brand new little squish!
      • I left my full-time corporate job when Prithvi was a year and a half old and that’s when my second baby, Golden Shutter Portraits, was born in 2016
      • When I first started, I used to only photograph families and maternity sessions and travel all over the Bay Area for these outdoor sessions
      • Soon enough, I started getting requests to photograph newborns which is when I extensively studied newborn posing and safety and took multiple
        mentoring sessions with world-renowned photographers to make sure I had all the essential knowledge that was needed for me to safely handle
        your newborn and understand how their little bodies work to pose them comfortably and safely
      • I used to travel to my clients’ home for newborn sessions and all the props and equipment I needed to have with me were just too much to carry every time! At the end of every session, I found myself yearning for a studio so I didn’t have to carry my huge “travel size” beanbag up and down the narrow San Francisco stairways!
      • Finally, Golden Shutter Portraits had a new home in July of 2017 and my Belmont Newborn Studio was now my new office!

ARE YOU BORED OF HEARING ABOUT MY RESUME?!?! Here are some (more) fun facts about me:

    • I hated coffee for 10 years before I got pregnant and then the only thing I craved during pregnancy was… coffee!!
    • When not photographing, you’ll find me watching sappy Indian TV daily shows
    • My fur baby’s name is Bella- She’s 8 months old now and we got her as a brand new 8-week old puppy! And yes, I did do newborn pics for Bella-you can see them here!
    • I have lived in 16 different apartments before we finally decided to settle down (for now!) in Foster City, CA
    • I hate doing laundry. Ok- I don’t hate doing laundry but HATE folding clothes and putting them away after. It’s my least favorite household chore, just a little ahead of doing the dishes!
    • I love to cook and like to think of myself as a rather good cook
    •  My favorite part about the weekend is brunch and my family loves to eat local family-owned businesses in San Mateo, Burlingame and San Carlos (basically we hate driving on weekends so tend to stick to places closer to home)
    •  My son and I are both have a strong sweet tooth and love our frozen yogurt dates on Thursday after I pick him up from preschool
    •  I’m a member of Professional Photographers of America
    •  I use all Canon gear! In my camera bag you’ll find a Canon 5D MkIV, Canon 24-70mm f2.8 II, Canon 135mm f2, and a Sigma Art 50mm f1.8

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