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Newborn Photo Sessions with Golden Shutter Portraits are different. Let me show you how…

The moment your precious baby arrives is a miraculous one. It’s a time filled with love, joy, and boundless anticipation. As parents, you are eager to cherish every detail of your little one, from those tiny fingers and toes to the gentle curve of their lips. This is why capturing your baby’s newborn photo session is an invaluable experience that you should not miss. In this blog post, we’ll explore why these portraits are so important and how my luxury studio in Belmont can help you create timeless memories- from an effortless shoot to decorating your home with beautiful portraits of your little bundle and growing family- with utmost importance to one thing and that’s your new baby! 

1. Golden Shutter Portraits specializes in posed newborn photo sessions

newborn baby photo session

My Newborn Photo Sessions capture your baby when they are at their most tiny, innocent and new. The images become a precious time capsule, allowing you to revisit these early moments as your child grows. It’s a nostalgic journey back to when they were just days old, capturing their unique features, expressions, and the connection you shared.

2. All Newborn Photo Sessions held in my fully equipped studio in Belmont, CA

newborn baby photo session

My studio in Belmont specializes in the art of Newborn Photography and Newborn Photo Sessions. We take pride in crafting images that are not just photographs but also pieces of art that tell your baby’s story. From carefully posed shots that accentuate your baby’s charm to capturing candid moments of tranquility, my goal as experts is to create breathtaking newborn portraits.

3. Safety is paramount when doing Newborn Photo Sessions

newborn baby photo session

My team is trained in the art of posed newborn photography. We understand that safety and comfort are paramount when working with delicate newborns. Each pose is meticulously designed to highlight the beauty and innocence of your baby while ensuring their well-being. With us, you can relax, knowing that your baby is in capable and caring hands.

We recognize that you value quality and luxury when it comes to preserving your family’s memories. As you welcome your first, second or third child, our studio is here to create a personalized and memorable experience that matches your discerning tastes.

The luxury newborn photo sessions offer an experience like no other. From the moment you enter our studio, you’re surrounded by an atmosphere of comfort and elegance. We provide everything you need to ensure you and your baby feel pampered and relaxed throughout the session. Hair and Makeup for mom is always included and the studio is equipped with a full client wardrobe with outfits for mom and baby and siblings (up to 3 yrs old) 

4. Creating a Timeless Family Heirloom as an end result from your little one’s Newborn Photo Session

newborn baby photo session

Newborn Photo Sessions are not just done to get digital photographs; they are designed by me to be preserved as timeless family heirlooms. I am a full service photographer that provides all kinds of prints, albums and canvases to display and show your gorgeous portraits. These images will be cherished for generations, serving as a way to connect your child with their past, history, and the love that has surrounded them from the very beginning. It’s an investment in preserving your family’s heritage.

When you choose my studio for your newborn portraits and Newborn Photo Sessions, you have the flexibility to select the package that best suits your preferences and budget. Whether you want solo shots of your baby or family portraits that include your newborn, we can tailor the session to your unique vision.

5. Every Newborn Photo Session is truly customized with you and your family in mind

newborn baby photo session baby girl in blue

The birth of your baby is a monumental moment in your life. Don’t let it slip away without capturing it through the lens of a professional newborn photographer and Newborn Photo Sessions. The studio in Belmont offers a luxury experience for parents, helping you create timeless memories of your precious little one without feeling overwhelmed. Contact us today to schedule your Newborn Photo Session and embark on a journey of preserving your baby’s fleeting moments in a way that is both artistic, luxurious and timeless.